Friday, May 4, 2018

Grandparents/Special Friends Day 2018

Grandparents Day 2018

We mailed our Grandparents a "hug" and a special invitation to our Grandparents/Special Friends Day.  In our letter, we asked if they would also write back or email us telling us a little about themselves and where they live.
And we heard back!  From grandmas and grandpas who live just down the street to those in Illinois, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, Minnesota, New Jersey . . .  We even received an email and photos from grandparents who had just returned from South Africa. Each letter was very special and we displayed them all proudly on the board. We enjoyed learning about these amazing people. 

After much planning, preparing, decorating, and anticipation, Grandparent's Day was here!  Ready to process into church to see our Grandparents and lead a Chapel Service for them.

Welcome Grandparents!
I have a Hello in my Heart . . . and It's Just For YOU!

Singing with Grandparents echoing us.
This is the Day the Lord Has Made, Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad in it!

Mrs. Angela Shirley, our CCLS Early Childhood Director, shared a message with our group, showing us a spoon her own 101 year old Grandma used and it's importance.

Prayer by Jonathan, Wyatt, and Maddie.

I Love You in the Morning and in the Afternoon. 
I Love you in the Evening, Underneath the Moon.

A slide show for Grandparents of their grandchildren and our school year together. 

Then, to the classrooms!  
Where we had a snack and read some books . . .

Wrote in our journals, built with blocks, 
strung necklaces, played a game . . .

Did a craft together . . .

Played outside in gorgeous,sunshiny weather . . .

It was a GRAND day!!!!

A lot of LOVE going on this day!!!!!!